Our modern air
conditioning units
are capable of
things you’d never thought of

We in our company are aware that the technological progress cannot be stopped

The Midea products go through continual innovation,
so that we could always deliver new technologically improved functions, thus satisfying even the most demanding customers

turbo mode

Turbo Mode

Ensures quick change to the desired temperature after the start of the air conditioning unit.

turbo mode

Eco mode

New Midea products are energy saving with the new option of Eco mode. It can save up to 60% of energy, giving you a comfortable sleep.

Protect the environment with our products

The use of solar invert technology improves our product quality. Combination of solar energy and 3D DC in the solar system ensures high care for the environment. Midea makes great innovations in the solar energy use and improves the solar energy efficiency to the A++ level.

turbo mode

Coolant leak detection

If there is a coolant leak inside the device, the unit will display the “EC” error code and shuts down automatically. This function can better protect the compressor from damage and high temperature.

turbo mode

Automatic light detector

If the light in the room is turned off the display dims automatically after 5 seconds and the air flow is gradually decreased, so you can enjoy better sleep.

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